What to pay attention to when you are about to take part in an..

Adventure Tour 

(or when going on your own adventure in Klimpfjälls beautiful nature)


  • Make sure to comply with the age limitations that apply to different guided tours as well as the specified skill levels.
  • Children and babies must be accompanied by an adult while taking part in one of our tours
  • All partisipants must be 100% sober. The guides have the right to deny guests under the influence of alcohol or other drugs to participate in our guided tours.

Self liability:

  • Our lokal guides have many years of experience in the outdoor live in and around Klimpfjäll and that is why you can be sure that we will guide you through the mountains in a competent way, having your safety as our first priority. However participating in nature activities and in our guided tours always inhales a certain risk.  Participants must therefore enter our activities with the knowledge of the risks of insury involved while interacting in and with nature. In order to assure a successful and amazing tour you must at all times observe and obey your guide’s safety instructions!


  • Follow your guide at all times and listen to their instructions.
  • All participants must  wear clothes that are appropriate to the weather and conditions as well as solid shoes.
  • If you are getting separated from the group, stop immediately. The guide will return to you and assist you.
  • If you have any special medical problems or special medical needs, please let us know beforehand and the guide before the start of your tour.
  • We reserve the right to cancel tours due to weather conditions. In a case like that you will be refunded with the whole amount you paid.


  • If you see a moose or a reindeer on one of our safaris it is essential to disturb them as little as possible!
  • Please ensure to respect our countryside and nature and do not leave any rubbish behind.
  • When participating in any kind of outdoor activities, you must insure to always follow the rules, laws and restrictions!


We reserve the right to change the tours by the following conditions: 

  • Changing the starting point or route due to the weather conditions.
  • Changing or cancelling  a tour if the participants do not wear adequate clothes and food wear!